Split By KF Whitman
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Split By KF Whitman

¥2,000 税込



Technical: 5 tracks / 38 min 12′ LP / 33 rpm first edition of 400 copies 180gr black vinyl (shelter press, 2013) All music by Keith Fullerton Whitman (side A) and Floris Vanhoof (side B) / Mastered by Rashad Becker at D+M / Artcover and silkscreen by Hanna Geise VINYL BUY (last 10 copies / attic resurgence!) DIGITAL BANDCAMP BOOMKAT ITUNES Tracklist Keith Fullerton Whitman “Jardin electronique” A1. Automatic Ping (3:00) A2. Automatic Melody (3:00) A3. Automatic Drums (3:00) A4. Automatic Drums with Melody (9:00) Floris Vanhoof B1. De Karekiet van Karakas (19:31) https://m.soundcloud.com/shelter-press/4-keith-fullerton-whitman